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I just wanted to let you know that I received a grade of 80% on the April 2nd Customs Brokerage Exam!

The Customs Review course definitely helped me achieve a passing grade on my first try!!  The notes that I had from the course helped me to answer some questions very quickly-and time is a major obstacle with the exam!!

Also, thanks for all your assistance with the questions that I had.

Tonawanda, NY

I bought your course sometime in December I believe.  I have never had any experience in Customs Brokerage or Freight Forwarding.  I didn't even know what one was before I read a couple of books and did a bit of research.

I was working in retail management and decided I wanted to do something more in my life.  I quit in February and studied for the April exam and got a 68.75.  This October's exam I got an 82.5.
The test is hard and I don't think I could have done it without your course.  With no experience, and with only texts to read I believe it would have been impossible.  The video course made it interesting, even after watching them for the 6th time.  The instructor did a wonderful job.  I read some of my wife's old boskage books, and believe studying with them alone would have been unbearably boring.
I have been interviewing recently and I am sure I'll be landing a job soon.  Only two people out of about thirty passed in Houston.  I was one of them.  I heard that the passing rate was only about three percent.  It took alot of study preparation, but I am definitely sure you course helped tremendously.  Customs Review can keep that money, refund, whatever it was.  Go out to dinner on me, and thanks.


I am a Customs consultant in New York.  I passed the Customs broker exam
after studying with your video series.  Since then, I have been a
big proponent of Customs Info and have referred many people to your courses.

Supervising Senior Tax Specialist
KPMG's Trade & Customs Practice

I wish to express my complete satisfaction with the Customs Review video
training course.  The material was presented in a very detailed and organized
manner.  The instructor is upbeat, and is able to present the information in
a way that keeps the interest of the student.  The lessons are organized in
which one lesson builds upon the next lesson.  I am happy to say that this
class made it possible for me to get my Customs Broker License.  Thanks.

Cleveland, Oh.

This is to inform you that I have obtained a 75% passing grade at the April 05 US Customs Broker exam on my first attempt with the help of your video course. (The national average was less than 5%) I wish to express my complete satisfaction with the Customs Review video training course. The lessons are very well organized and were delivered in a manner that was both simple and interesting. I would not have done it without this course and recommend this course to anyone who wants to pass the exam.

Minneapolis, MN

This is to inform you that I have passed my Brokers exam with the help
of your video course, with a score of 81.25%. I have to admit that if
not for your course and the structure it provided I would have not
passed the Exam.

Wilson Logistics, Inc.

I just received notification that I passed the Customs Exam (with an 87.5%)--and this was my first time taking it.  I wanted to let you know that the class was extremely helpful.  I answered the first 5 questions without needing to look up anything and several times, I remembered something the lecturer said during the class.  In addition, the index that you sent along was a great help--I ended up re-writing it in my Regs which helped to reinforce it as well.

Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the  Video course & Lessons - because of you I got a 93.75%.

EGT Logistics

I passed!  I tried three other courses including (names omitted) and yours is the only one that gives you what you need to pass.   I have given your name to 3 other people here at work.

DHL Worldwide Express

I am a practicing attorney who recently used your video course to pass the October Customs Broker Examination. ...Thanks for offering such a helpful and comprehensive course.



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