Course Structure

Before you begin our Customs Broker Training Course, we recommend that you complete an application to inform US Customs that you will be taking the Customs Broker License Exam.  We include the application with our course.  It must be submitted to the Service Port in your area no latter than 30 days before the Exam.

We will remind you to send this application. If you need assistance on filling out the application, or need to know where to send it, contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Step 1

Chapter One of our textbook will give a general overview of the Custom Broker Licensing Exam and our training methods. You'll be directed to read the corresponding part of the regulations.  The regulations contain a lot of legal terms; so the purpose of the textbook is to give you an overview of the subject matter and to give you a foundation before viewing Video Number 1.

Step 2

Watch Video Number 1. The instructor will cover the subject of study in a clear, simple and easy to understand format with plenty of illustrations and examples. The lectures have an upbeat tempo and are easy to watch. They are even entertaining at times!  Any time the instructor refers to a particular customs form, you can tab to the back of our textbook under Customs Forms to see what the form looks like.  We will also cover what information is required on the forms and how they are submitted.

Step 3

Tab to the back of our textbook under Assignments and complete homework assignment number 1. The homework consists of actual previous exam questions. We will also have some "mock" entries. Although you will never be asked how to complete an entry on the customs broker exam, we feel it is important for you to know how.  We will do a complete entry from start to finish.  This includes invoice annotations, classification, duty computation and completion of the Entry Summary 7501.   This part of our course will give you "real world" hands on experience.


Repeat Steps 1-3 with the next 18 sessions.  After completing all 19 sessions open the sealed packet.  Complete the 4 enclosed US Customs Broker Exams and the optional Customs Review final exam.  The Customs Review final exam is optional and is used by students who would like a certificate evidencing passing the course in conjunction with most employee tuition reimbursement programs for Customs Broker Training.

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