Customs Review is a customs broker school
founded in 1993. Our firm is exclusively dedicated to customs broker licensing academics. Most of our staff members are licensed customs brokers with an average of over 15 years licensed experience.  We have been recognized nationally because of our expertise, ethical responsibilities and our commitment to providing a quality level of education in our industry.

One of the features of the program is that it is not a "seminar", but rather a complete course.  When examining other Customs Broker schools, we found they were either too narrow in their focus, looking at only a few facets of the Customs Regulations, or they were too general and attempted to "broad-brush" the entire subject matter, which overlooks the specific areas that are important in passing the Customs Brokers Examination.

In an interview with The Shipper Magazine we were asked to what we attribute the success of our company. Below is an excerpt from that interview:

"First and foremost, our company is dedicated to Customs Broker training; it is not a part-time side business for us. Second, we teach on the premise that the student has no, or little knowledge and begin at ground zero. Third, we have 19 structured modules of instruction that covers theory, principal and hands on application. We know of no other program in the nation that is similar to ours.  A recent class had an 84% pass rate and the highest score in the country was achieved by one of our Video Course students.   This is a program that really works."

Our complete training program and years of dedicated experience in preparing applicants for the customs broker examination is the only way to ensure that you have the optimum amount of preparation, training, and qualified instruction necessary to pass the exam.

Our unique and innovative curriculum consists of 19 structured modules of instruction.  The course includes over 300 pages of text copyrighted exclusively by Customs Review that explains complicated customs regulations in a sensible, easy-to-understand format. Plus, our text book is permitted to be used during the Exam .  Information in each session is reinforced 4 times via regulations, lecture, study guide and actual exam questions.

We are committed to your success because when you succeed, so do we .


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