Customs Review Video Training Course

This easy to understand customs broker training course has 19 individual "modules" or sessions.  Each module matches a Video Tape Lecture and coincides with our companion textbook. For example, chapter one matches video one, etc. Everything coincides - the customs regulations, our textbook and our video lecture.

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No School Can Match
Our Customs Training Program!

If you have ever looked at the US Customs regulations, you know they can be difficult to read and understand.  To complicate matters further, the regulations can not be read from front to back as a regular book.

Customs Review approaches the entry process in a unique and different manner - in chronological order. Cargo arrives at the airport first; and we explain what happens next, etc. This approach of teaching facilitates greater interest by students and is presented in a sensible, easy to understand format.

Registered students receive unlimited access to our toll free help desk for a minimum of one year or two exam cycles (whichever is the greatest) and lifetime membership to our members only web site , where we post last minute changes to the regulations, employment opportunities for customs brokers, and other valuable information.

Previous import experience is not required. We have had students with unrelated backgrounds in banking, sales and accounting pass the exam on their first attempt after completing our Video Course.  If you work in the transportation, shipping or import/export business, you will have a head start.

Our Customs Broker Training Video Course has been successfully used by a broad range of students with varying backgrounds.  Our graduates include people with no previous experience to high ranking attorneys, members of the Department of Commerce, US Customs employees, and many individuals from leading transportation companies such as DHL, Airborne, Fritz Companies, UPS, BAX Global and Federal Express to name a few.  The Video Course is also used in resource centers of major Custom Brokerage Firms as their In-house training program.

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Look at the companies which use our video training course to train their staff:

Airborne Express, American Airlines, BAX Global, Boeing Aircraft, Chrysler Motors, DHL Worldwide, Federal Express, Ford Motor, Fritz, IBM, NASA, Novell, Price Waterhouse, US Commerce Dept, United Parcel Service, Westinghouse, Xerox, and many more!

Look at what you'll get with our course!
Our materials have been developed through years of classroom experience.
In addition to the videos, we include :

  • 19 Sessions - Lecture video in a easy to understand presentation
  • Copyrighted Textbook - Each chapter coincides with a lecture video
  • Focus on 85-95% actual test question subject areas
  • Course updated every 6 months
  • 33 Handouts / Assignments / Reference
  • 18 Customs Forms & Detailed 7501 Entry Summary Procedures
  • Actual "Hands On" Entry Exercises - Learn the Forms and Usage
  • Mid-Term Exam (Self Assessment)
  • Final Exam (Optional) - *Required for issuance of Certificate
  • 4 Most Recent Customs Exams and Answer Sheets
  • Certificate Upon Completion
  • Help Desk - Unlimited Assistance for One Year or 2 Exam Dates - Lifetime password privileges on our "Members Only" web site
  • Updated Course Every Six Months
  • A Proven System That Works

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